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"The Business Support Online Site was designed to help company owners reach their dream of running their own business instead of the business running them."  
M. J. Muller, Founder of  Business Support Online

With the year coming to an end it's time to conduct an
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The vision of Business Support Online is to make the basic business information necessary to manage a profitable company easy to understand and use.

We have found a Self-help business guide that outlines the key business tools necessary to plan for and achieve your desired profits.  The best part of this guide is not the many industry specific excel spreadsheets or the easy to follow examples, it is the live support available from an experienced implementation consultant.

Their consultants are available both by phone and email and they also offer affordable onsite consulting with easy financing terms to fit any schedule and budget.

The following Key Business Concept is from the Guide "Path to Engineered Profit" available from Pathfinders Consulting at


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