Operating a profitable business in this volatile economic climate is tough. Constantly changing input costs and the volatile cost of energy make it imperative that management know the effect of these changing costs. Companies require simple effective management information systems that will show problem areas and prompt management decisions to react to these changes.

 If you don’t currently have systems in place to provide this information, your company can benefit from this modified direction and we can show you how.  So that you can see the benefits of our help we are prepared to provide you with a sample of our material. At our website you will learn more about us and will learn how to receive 6 business profit control tools for FREE.

Pathfinders Profit Consultants LLC. has identified the key needs of Small to Medium sized businesses and has produced a “How to Guide” that will help you create a complete Management Information System. The system is a series of tools that first identifies what your input costs really are. It includes reporting systems that are developed to track your company’s progress toward a planned and engineered profit goal. We have created modifiable excel worksheets and workbooks that are the starting point for the development of a management information system customized to your company. By understanding how the various tools work together, you can choose and create a customized system that works for your company. The concept is to plan for or engineer a profit and then track the company’s progress toward achieving that goal. The objective is to provide usable information that will ensure that your company is operating as planned every week, every month, and every year.

 Employees want to do a good job and working toward a “Self Directed Team” management style relieves stress on management and prompts accountability. Increasing productivity, reducing waste, and creating a drive to perform the task efficiently and correctly the first time is the objective. Even small changes can make a significant difference and effect corporate profits substantially.

 The website will introduce you to our How To guide “THE PATH TO ENGINEERED PROFIT” which will guide you step by step through the process. Included with the guide is an Electronic Excel Workbook that provides simple, modifiable, fiscal control worksheets for a variety of business sectors

 To get started, visit our website were you will find the table of contents of both the How to Guide and a list of the Worksheets available. Follow the links on the website to learn more about how to receive the FREE profit control tools. The Testimonials linked though a button on the bottom of the “LET UP HELP” page should also be of interest.

 The FREE business control tools and “THE PATH TO ENGINEERED PROFIT” How to guide with electronic workbooks are both accessible at the website. A copy of the how to guide can be downloaded from the website for $60.00 US. If you wish additional information on how the guide and workbooks can help your company, you can contact Robert Elliott at (206) 388-7138, or email

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