The Three Guiding Principals of Personal Negotiation Power


1.        Everything is negotiable.

2.        Always remain civil.

3.        Look for a win-win solution.



Welcome to the Personal Negotiation Power workshop. 

We are pleased that you have chosen to learn the secrets that successful people have used to take control of their lives. It is time to stop letting other people decide your destiny.  The tools and techniques that you will learn today will help you become more confident when commutating with others.  This will be true both at work and at home. 

As you become comfortable using these techniques in formal commutation, you will begin to see opportunities to use these techniques in general commutation as well. Over time you will wonder how you survived while letting others control your life.

One word of caution, the three guiding principals provide a foundation apron which to develop your new found skills. Using these techniques without the guiding principals will likely lead to heartache and animosity from others leaving you drained and weaker rather then confident and stronger. Our goal is to help you improve your life so you can be happier.

Congratulations on your choice to take control, we wish you all the best that life has to offer.



Jim Muller

President, PNP Seminars