Instructions for using the GUI system.

The concept of this site is to make an HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) coded GUI (Graphical User Interface) system  instead of the text hyper links found in most web sites.

What you see here is the always evolving result. Come back often and see what is new.

There are 15 buildings and several "other" places that provide access to a wide verity of web sites hosted and maintained by for  GameMakerPro, BGI, Jim Muller, or one of our other affiliates. You too could have your groups web site hosted for free.

All locations within the website are maintained based on the amount of support provided by the members and users of the information.  Please support the pages you enjoy using so they can become better.

How to use:

  1. Move the mouse pointer slowly around the buildings.
  2. Pause to read the mouse labels.
  3. Left click to enter.

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