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This Checklist / Rating Survey originated from the CAR concept.


By honestly rating your company’s current position you will be able to identify areas of your company that require attention.  As you think about each question, think about how successful you are at accomplishing that key activity.  Is it being done part of the time 50% or most of the time 90%  maybe hardly ever 10%.  Score your company with a 1 if it never happens and 10 if it always happens.  When completed you will know the areas that need ACTION. 


Change is needed to produce a different result. A definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing the same way and expecting a different result.  The second chapter of our guide “The Path to Engineered Profit” is CHANGE. This ‘how to’ guide will help direct you toward choosing the appropriate ACTION necessary to gain the desired result. Engaging the service’s of ‘Pathfinders Engineered Profit Consultants’ for a few weeks will increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of these ACTIONS leading to RESULTS.


Systems must be developed to measure the effectiveness of any action. This is your company’s steering wheel. By monitoring performance Weekly/ Biweekly/ and Monthly, your management team stays constantly focused on areas of the company that are not performing as planned or could be improved. 

The guide ‘The Path to Engineered Profit’ provides insight into HOW to set a model or plan for your company and then HOW to design systems that will monitor current performance. This is the key to efficiently finding the Variances within your company. Positive variances should be investigated to see if the TREND can be continued. Negative TRENDS need to be investigated to determine whether these trends are ongoing or systemic and how this negative effect should be mitigated.