WEB Training - Custom Simulation Design

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Do you want to train employees new skills by having them try it “hands-on” anywhere or anytime that they have access to the internet? Well now you can and for much less then you might think!

I use information that you provide to design and build your custom simulations using Quandary by Half-Baked Software.  I can then host your simulations or provide you with 3 HTML files that you can use on your website or intranet.

Send Email for more information and pricing to SimDesign@shops.20m.com

Check out The Test Center.  This vender offers employee training and testing services.

Samples testing the Shareware Quandary by Half-Baked Software

The Accounting Equation (Self guided tour sample. No real end.)

The Valley of the Fighter  (The last shareware test I conducted and a "must play" pick by BGI fan club members!)

Access Code Needed (This is an example of a code key required system for to protect files from unauthorized access.)

LOOK for Bigger and Better Simulations

 coming in the next few months designed with the registered version of Quandary!