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Personal Negotiation Power 

PNP Seminars

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Personal Negotiation Power  (PNP seminars)

The PNP approach to using and improving your personal negotiation power.  Personal Negotiation Power seminars are held in towns across the nation. These seminars have helped people just like you become better communicators. Read a letter from our President.


Some of what you will learn is listed below

The three guiding principals

  1. Everything is negotiable.
  2. Always remain civil.
  3. Look for a win-win solution.

The three phases

  1. Before
  2. During
  3. After

The three positions

  1. Maximum
  2. Goal
  3. Minimum

The five basic types of techniques

  1. Open
  2. Find
  3. Move
  4. Hold
  5. Close

The improvement cycle

  1. Analyze
  2. Rate success
  3. Implement


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